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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.How often should you have you units tuned up?
A. Your air conditioner should be tuned up every spring and your heating system should have maintenance in the fall.  This will help you to avoid unexpected breakdowns and keeping your system operating at maximum efficiency.  It can also prolong the lifespan of your system.

Q. What does unit maintenance include?
For a furnace it includes:
Check Filter
Clean blower assembly
Check operation of safety controls
Tighten electrical connections
Check gas valve
Clean and adjust burners
Insect flue pipe and draft diverter
Test and adjust gas pressure
Clean interior of manifold compartment
Lubricate all necessary parts
Check and adjust belt tension
Check heating elements
Inspect heat exchanger
Clean and adjust thermostat
Test for gas leaks in furnace
Clean and adjust thermostat
Test for gas leaks in furnace
Clean and adjust pilot
Check heating elements

Cooling System tune up and inspection includes:
Check filter
Inspect Capacitor
Flush condensate drain line
Titan electrical connections
Clean  blower assembly
Check operating pressure
Clean and adjust thermostat
Check amps
Lubricate all necessary parts
Check and adjust belt tension
Check safety controls
Inspect contactor
Clean and check condenser coil

Humidifier tune up includes:
Clean Drain line
Replace water pad
Clean housing
Check to make sure unit is operating correctly

Q. How do I know it is time to change my furnace filter?
  Most need changed every 1-6 months depending on the type of filter.  Check your filter monthly by holding it up to a light.  If hardly any light passes by it is time to change your filter.

Q. What is a Seer?
Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.  The higher this number the less it will cost to operate your unit.

Q. My home is older and does not have ductwork.  What are my options for adding air conditioning?
For small spaces we recommend a mini split system.  For  larger areas a Space Pak works well. Call for your free estimate and we can provide you a solution based on your needs and home.